Official migration Guide - Migrating from PHP 5.6.x to PHP 7.0.x

Despite the fact that PHP 7.0 is a new major version, efforts were put in to make migration as painless as possible. There are a few incompatibilities and new features that should be considered, and code should be tested before switching PHP versions in production environments. This official guide will help you to easily migrate from PHP 5.6 to PHP 7.

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PHP7 Reference

Here is a great reference, an overview of the features, changes, and backward compatibility breakages in PHP 7. Everything is one place.

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Talks and Videos

Zeev Suraski: The PHP 7 Story

In the keynote, Zeev shares the evolution of PHP’s major versions, the behind-the-scenes story of how PHP 7 came to be and its key benefits and features.

Pierre Joye - PHP 7, what's coming

In the video, Pierre introduces PHP 7 and talks about its performance, as well as how does it compare to the various alternatives (hhvm , etc). PHP 7’s new features and changes in the core are also be covered.

Erika Heidi - Getting Ready for PHP 7

How PHP 7 will impact your current PHP codebase? What really changed? How safe is it to update? This talk will answer these questions and give you a taste of what is coming with PHP 7.

Anthony Ferrara - PHP7 and Beyond: The Future of PHP

PHP is experiencing a renaissance; old methodologies are everywhere under assault from advances in tooling and design. From Composer to HackLang, "the PHP way" of solving problems is dramatically evolving.

Julien Pauli - En route to PHP7

Joulien Pauli talks about the changes and new features added in PHP 7 and the road to the release of this greatest version.

PHP 7 Up and running

Laracasts - PHP 7 Up and Running

A Laracast video series by Jeffrey Way, which will help you to easily learn new features in this greatest version of PHP.
Image Credit - Laracasts